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From Pantyhose to Spandex: Writers on the Job Redux

The authors of From Pantyhose to Spandex: Writers on the Job Redux take you on a tour through a single night in a taxi in Copenhagen while listening to Mahler’s Ninth, through the “Melancholy House” of a maximum-security prison and assigning juvenile delinquents as their sentence to do the sentences of an essay, through a woman’s decision to sell her eggs for five thousand dollars, through why the legendary jewelry store is called “Tiffany” rather than “Tiffany’s,” and on to a beach where forty-eight thousand pounds of lobster wait to be packed, moonlighting (a teacher’s necessity), the sleepless nights of a veterinary assistant, working as a babysitter/envelope-stuffer/carhop/Christmas ball saleswoman/gas-pumpattendant/and so much more, a day job as a bookseller, a translator, and even more ways of putting food on the table to feed the muses.

Authors: Walter Cummins, Thomas E. Kennedy
Paperback : 196 pages
ISBN-10 : 0997779772
ISBN-13 : 978-0997779776

About the Author

Walter Cummins has published seven short story collections-WitnessWhere We LiveLocal MusicThe End of the CircleThe Lost OnesHabitat: stories of bent realismTelling Stories: Old and New. His nonfiction collections are Knowing Writers, Death Cancer Madness Meaning, and Irresponsible and Maladjusted. More than 100 of his stories, as well as memoirs, essays, and reviews, have appeared in magazines such as Kansas QuarterlyVirginia Quarterly ReviewUnder the SunConfrontationBellevue Literary ReviewConnecticut ReviewThe Laurel ReviewOther VoicesGeorgetown ReviewContrarySonora ReviewAbiko QuarterlyWeber StudiesMidwest QuarterlyWest BranchSouth Carolina ReviewCrosscurrentsCrescent ReviewThe MacGuffin, in book collections, and on the Web. He is co-publisher of Serving House Books. For more than twenty years, he was editor of The Literary Review. He teaches in Fairleigh Dickinson University’s MFA and MA in Creative Writing Programs.

About the Author

Thomas E. Kennedy is an American fiction writer, essayist, and translator from Danish. He is the author of more than 30 books, including novels, story and essay collections, literary criticism, translation, and most notably the four novels of the Copenhagen Quartet.

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