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Celebrating Thomas E. Kennedy

Thomas E. Kennedy enjoyed countless friends from throughout the world, sharing literary projects, walking city streets and country paths, and visiting dozens of watering holes in many countries. Where did he find time to turn out so many books, stories, essays, translations, and more-hundreds? For that alone he deserves celebration. But just as much, he deserves celebration for being a valuable friend and a major contributor to world literature.This collection includes a Tom Kennedy story, an essay, and a translation; a joint memoir of a trip to Prague by Tom and Line-Maria Lång; selections from interviews given by Tom; memories of Tom from friends in the United States and other countries; contributions from Danish friends (two in Danish and English versions); reviews of several of Tom’s novels; and an extensive bibliography of works by and about Tom.

Author: Thomas E. Kennedy
Paperback : 290 pages

ISBN-10 : 1947175548
ISBN-13 : 978-1947175549

About the Author

THOMAS E. KENNEDY published the Copenhagen Quartet through Bloomsbury—IN THE COMPANY OF ANGELS (2010), FALLING SIDEWAYS (2011), KERRIGAN IN COPENHAGEN (2013), BENEATH THE NEON EGG (2014). His stories, essays and and translations from the Danish appear regularly in many periodicals. He has won an O. Henry Award, the silver medal given by the Dan Turèll Society once a year, two EUROPEAN awards, and the NATIONAL MAGAZINE AWARD for the essay. He has published 41 books over the years, including novels, story and essay collections, and anthologies.

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