SHB’s Publishing Schedule Filled

Serving House Books is not currently considering queries or proposals. We have many excellent books being readied for release, and their preparation will be our primary activity. Each work will be announced when publication is pending.


The History of SHB

Thomas E. Kennedy and Walter Cummins founded Serving House Books in 2009. There were many eminently publishable books by reputable authors that could not find a big press, or a literary press, to give them a house. There were also many out-of-print books that had lived honorable lives and received rave reviews in commercial newspapers. Authors included Gladys Swan, Duff Brenna, Rick Mulkey, Bob Stewart, Claire Bateman, Greg Herriges, Steve Kowit, and Steve Heller, to name a few. The imprint, Serving House Books, was born as an homage to the main character in Tom’s novel, Kerrigan in Copenhagen—to his vibrant excursions to Danish bars, taverns, and other serving houses.

In the spring of 2017, after publishing roughly eighty books together, Tom and Walter are shifting to Publisher Emeriti positions, passing the press on to a community of Fairleigh Dickinson University MFA alum and others. In the years to come, SHB looks forward to continuing to publish books that incorporate traditional conventions in unique ways, that are both intimate and universal, that blend the sophisticated with the unexpected. Welcome to Serving House Books.