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Plutonium & Platinum Blonde

Las Vegas, NV— Gurlesque collides with The New York School of poetry in Angela M. Brommel’s debut chapbook, Plutonium & Platinum Blonde. Layered between works of desert love, Brommel‘s poems engage with an array of larger-than-life pop culture icons, including the reimagined 1950’s beauty queen, Miss Atomic.

Author: Angela M. Brommel
Paperback : 36 pages

ISBN-10 : 1947175017
ISBN-13 : 978-1947175013

About the Author

Angela M. Brommel, is a Nevada writer with Iowa roots. Her poetry has been featured in The Best American Poetry Blog, the North American ReviewThe Literary Review—TLR Share, and Sweet: A Literary Confection, among many other journals, anthologies, and art exhibitions. Angela is the Director of Arts & Culture and Advancement, as well as a part-time Humanities faculty member, at Nevada State College. She serves as Editor-in-Chief of The Citron Review.

“Brommel’s poems about Las Vegas are wonderfulshe takes the glitz of the place and reduces the scale to human proportions. With a wicked, understated humor and a keen eye for detail, she creates a wildly entertaining original voice that’s more than up to the challenge of its subject matter.”

Jim Daniels, author of Rowing Inland (Wayne State University Press)

“Brommel’s work has humor in itwondrous juxtaposition of images, a certain flair for authenticity of voice, and a great ability to spot the absurd. She takes advantage of pop culture icons as well as film history, while at the same time locking into something very direct: ‘you heart thief’.”

Carol W. Potter, author of Some Small Bees (Oberlin College Press), winner of the 2014 Field Poetry Prize

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Jack Smith, The Writer Magazine