There's This Place I Know ...

There's This Place I Know ..., edited by Heather Lang and H. L Hix, is available on Amazon.com and other outlets.

This book shares an abundance of delightful discoveries. As a viewer-reader, you can’t be sure where the journey will take you next. At one moment you’re intrigued by a green vista that’s next to a close-up of a bird on a patch of parched earth. Turn the page and you’re caught up in the white flow of a waterfall. You never know where you’ll end up as you travel through There’s This Place I Know … It could be in the Swiss Alps or above Parisian rooftops or on the Maine coast or just on a front porch that entices you with a checkered tablecloth. But this book offers much more than photographs. These photos are inseparable from the people who chose them to illustrate spots in the world—their worlds—so vital to their lives. That human connection deepens the significance of the pictures. They invite us into places where the external is the internal and allow us to experience both.


Information about the Editors

These days, Heather Lang reads and writes in Las Vegas.

H. L. Hix writes in one of his favorite indoor places, a former barn that he and his partner have renovated into a studio.

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