From Pantyhose to Spandex: Writers on the Job Redux

Published Date: September 15, 2017

The authors of From Pantyhose to Spandex: Writers on the Job Redux take you on a tour through a single night in a taxi in Copenhagen while listening to Mahler’s Ninth, through the “Melancholy House” of a maximum-security prison and assigning juvenile delinquents as their sentence to do the sentences of an essay, through a woman’s decision to sell her eggs for five thousand dollars, through why the legendary jewelry store is called “Tiffany” rather than “Tiffany’s,” and on to a beach where forty-eight thousand pounds of lobster wait to be packed, moonlighting (a teacher’s necessity), the sleepless nights of a veterinary assistant, working as a babysitter/envelope-stuffer/carhop/Christmas ball saleswoman/gas-pumpattendant/and so much more, a day job as a bookseller, a translator, and even more ways of putting food on the table to feed the muses.

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