Beginnings: How 14 Poets Got Their Start

Published Date: April 12, 2015


Each of the fourteen interviews in this collection tells the story of a poet’s career, starting with origins that in many cases overcame unlikely beginnings and went on to fortunate educations with inspiring teachers who often became friends and colleagues, and in at least one case a spouse. Then onto publication, books, awards, and, for the majority, their own teaching careers to share their gifts with others in emulation of their own mentors. Each interview is followed by samples of the poet’s work. Readers will have an opportunity to appreciate and admire the fourteen poets as people and as artists.

The Poets

Clifford Brooks III
Travis Cebula
Alfred Corn
Robert Dana
Ani Gjika
Kelle Groom
Julie Kane
Amy King
Gloria Mindock
Mark Statman
William Trowbridge
Pamela Uschuk
Nancy White
Bill Yarrow

The Interviewer

Derek Alger was a graduate of the MFA fiction-writing program at Columbia University, a contributing cditor for Serving House Journal, a non-fiction editor at Ducts, an editor at Web Del Sol, and a former editor-at-large at Pif Magazine, where more than 100 of his interviews with writers have been published over a period of 14 years. His fiction and essays appear in Confrontation, Del Sol Review, Ducts, The Literary Review, and Writers Notes, among others. Derek died on 29 Oct 2014 at the age of 61.

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